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Towards an integrated and efficient Helpdesks Database for the MEDA countries

The overall objective of the MED-ENEC project is“To give a boost to energy efficiency measures and to the use of solar energy in the construction sector, in order to reduce both energy supply requirements and the ever-growing impact on the environment of air-conditioning installations.”

One result of the project is the implementation of a helpdesk tool which will be implemented on MEDA partner websites according to their individual requirements.

The helpdesk is based on partnership arrangements with the following EU websites :

Reegle - The Information Gateway for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Reegle search engine : International search engine for renewable energy and energy efficiency http://www.reegle.info/

The European Display® Campaign is a voluntary scheme designed by energy experts from 20 European towns and cities. It is aimed at encouraging local authorities to publicly display the energy and environmental performances of their public buildings using the same energy label that is used for household appliances.

Display calculation tool
Municipalities taking part in the Display® campaign are provided with an online tool that enables them to calculate a building’s energy, water and CO2 consumption

Free Buildings Performance Check

Free Simple Building Performance Check

International Internet Platform about solar energy and other renewable energies. Technical, political, economical information. More than 700 Premium Members from all over the world buy and sell their products and services within this electronic marketplace. Over 3.000 business entries in the international trade directory. Access to more than 70 countries analysis including detailed market and company information.


SOLARGE aims to dismantle existing market barriers and obstacles to the extensive use of solar heat. For this, SOLARGE develops market and practice related tools for all areas affecting collective solar heating, such as political and legal conditions, technical developments, best practice in pilot projects and information, qualification and marketing measures.


SOLAIR intends to resolve some major market obstacles for solar air-conditioning technologies: limited awareness, lack of know-how and instruments as well as information standards. Based on previous project results and acquired know-how, SOLAIR will create a set of tools to assist the market diffusion of these smart technologies.


SOLATERM is an EU funded project that brings research institutions, energy agencies, authorities and enterprises from EU and the Southern Mediterranean partners closer together. The project consortium with partners from 8 Southern Mediterranean and 5 EU countries has the aim to promote the application of a new generation of solar thermal systems in the Mediterranean partner countries.



Initiative of the European Commission Directorate-General for Energy and Transport, which aims to support the work of actors working on energy efficiency and renewable energies at the local and regional level. The main tools are sectoral advice, training, workshops and online events.

Kids corner

Educational content on renewable energies with games for children of all ages

Web based event portal for renewable energies.


Managed by European Copper Institute and its European network of 11 offices, the Leonardo ENERGY initiative is dedicated to building information centres to serve designers, engineers, contractors, architects, general managers, teachers and students, professionally or otherwise involved with electrical power.


REN21 is a global policy network that provides a forum for international leadership on renewable energy. Its goal is to bolster policy development for the rapid expansion of renewable energies in developing and industrialised economies. As all information is relevant, a link to this website would make sense.


Building Green is an independent company committed to providing accurate, unbiased, and timely information designed to help building-industry professionals and policy makers improve the environmental performance, and reduce the adverse impacts, of buildings.


In 1998, 20 of Europe's leading companies involved with the manufacture, distribution and installation of a variety of energy saving goods and services joined forces as The European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings (EuroACE).


Online energy-check for private households.



The EPBD Buildings Platform is a European Commission initiative in the framework of the Intelligent Energy - Europe (2003-2006) programme, which provides information services for practitioners and consultants, experts in energy agencies, interest groups and national policy makers in the European Member States for helping the implementation of the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).


Search engine for certified products (according to certification programme, company, brand...)


The European Heat Pump Association, founded in February 2000, is a not-for-profit organisation which promotes awareness and proper deployment of heat pump technology in the European market place for residential, commercial and industrial applications.


SMAP is the Euro-Mediterranean Framework Programme for policy and funding orientation aimed at: promoting sustainable development and supporting high priority environment related activities. It was launched in November 1997, in the Euro-Mediterranean Helsinki Conference as the environmental component of the Euro Mediterranean Partnership, preparing the ground for increased political dialogue and co-operation towards common environmental goals.


More than 700 Premium Members from all over the world buy and sell their products and services within this electronic marketplace. Over 3.000 business entries in the international trade directory. Access to more than 70 countries analysis including detailed market and company information.


Search engine for case studies of European cities. Numerous search criteria


Customer Advising Tool (CAT). This tool provides guidance to the Building Owner, Inspector and/or Auditor on the potential for reducing the cooling demand of the building being Inspected or Audited.


The European Photovoltaic Industry Association (EPIA) is the world's largest industry association devoted to the solar electricity market. The association aims to promote photovoltaics at the national, European and worldwide levels and to assist its members in the development of their businesses in both the European Union and in export markets.


ESTIF engages in many different issues relevant to the solar thermal industry - from lobbying for favourable legislative framework conditions to work on standards & certification. The following political programme was agreed unanimously by the General Assembly of ESTIF.


The European Solar-Shading Organization (ES-SO) is an umbrella body representing the European solar shading  and roller shutter industry. Its objectives are to provide a permanent point of contact between its members and the European authorities, and to demonstrate that solar shading can make a substantial contribution to energy savings.


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